Monday, July 23, 2018

The Occupations of Vietnam: Vietnamese Women's Museum, Hanoi

Vietnamese Women's Museum, Hanoi

Lobby of the Vietnamese Women's Museum, Hanoi

This morning I walked to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum with some other students. What a place! It was my dream museum except it was quite hot in there. I learned about marriage ceremonies in different Vietnamese ethnic groups, childbearing, work, revolutionaries the Mother goddess, and fashion. Learning about the marriage ceremonies was fascinating. Some tribes are matrilineal and females are prized and the man goes to live with his wife’s family. The rites surrounding childbirth were also fascinating. One case held nine different tribal baby carriers, with embroidery, quilting, beading, and batik. Basically, it was a very high quality ethnographic museum (with a focus on women, which was refreshing) – the best I’ve been to abroad. 

I loved seeing the traditional dress. The museum had
so many beautiful examples. Unfortunately, the
names of the ethnic groups to which the clothing belonged
 was not listed in English, so I
cannot label these photos with specifics.

Poster for breastfeeding women

Baby carriers!

Traditional dress

The Vietnamese Women's Museum website:

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