Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Point Lobos - Photo Essay

I took Wilder and Kimo to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, just south of Carmel, for the first time this summer. Kimo fell head over heels and we ended up visiting the park three times in one month. 

Sticky Monkey Flower

I found a dead crab that still looked mighty fine on one of the pebbly beaches at Point Lobos. 

Perfect spot to picnic and nurse the baby - we only saw one other couple on the trail that day. 

The reserve is full of hiking trails through pine and cypress forests and on rocky bluffs. Trails lead you along the ocean, past cove after cove of clear water that changes color with the weather. At times, the water shines aqua blue.

A bee alights on a wildflower.
Photo by Kimo Elliott

Whalers Cabin Museum tells the story of the the whalers that once harvested whales from the sea into Whalers Cove - now a favorite scuba diving spot where all wildlife is protected. 

Mama and baby seals swam in China Cove. 

Gibson Beach

The earth really puts on a show at Point Lobos. 

We spotted at least ten Humpback Whales in the ocean. 

Mythic setting for a family picnic and Sunday hike. 

A deer jumps along the ocean cliffs. 

Cypress Forest

The Point Lobos Foundation website 
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve website 

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