Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shark Bite! at Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

Surfboard bitten by a Great White Shark
Photo by Madeline Horn

The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is located in a historic lighthouse overlooking the sea on the city’s favorite strolling street with a view, West Cliff Drive.  Museum exhibits interpret surfing culture through the decades with photos, surfboards, surf club memorabilia, and wetsuits. A surfboard bitten by a Great White Shark in a 1987 attack sends a chill down my spine. Better than interactive exhibits - after learning about surf history and culture - visitors can walk outside and watch real live surfers ride the waves directly below the museum. 

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum
Photo by Madeline Horn
This week is an especially exciting time to visit the surfing museum since the O’Neill Coldwater Classic, a worldwide surfing competition, is happening at Steamer Lane, right outside the museum’s front door. Want to see surfing legend Kelly Slater surf? Now’s your chance! The competition runs through November 10, 2012. 
Santa Cruz Surfing Museum in the old lighthouse
Photo by Madeline Horn

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