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Friday, February 10, 2017

Hello Again

Preparing for the Women's March in January

It's been too long.

Some life changes that have occurred since my last post (summer 2015):

- I became a single mom.
- I lost my dear grandmother at the age of 99.
- Wilder started talking.
- I gave up dairy.
- I was accepted to Occupational Therapy School - starting a new career!
- I lost over 20 pounds (this morning it was 29, yesterday it was 20, what's up with that?).
- I started driving an old Prius.
- I got really into embarrassingly-titled self-help books.
- Also read lots of historical fiction because I'm in a bookclub.
- Travelled to Jamestown, CA, Ventura, CA, Los Angeles, CA - I think I've lost my jet-setter status.

Hopefully I'll come back to elaborate more on these life changes in less than 1.5 years.