Monday, April 6, 2015

A Shoulda Been Woulda Been Birthday

Pirate gramps

On April Fool's Day my extended family got together to celebrate my sister's birthday. We also had another shoulda been coulda been birthday to recognize - Wilder's. Wilder's due date was April 1, 2014. He surprised us by arriving the year before, in December 2013. His adjusted age is now ONE YEAR OLD, even though we celebrated his one year birthday in December. For the first few years, preemies are considered to be developmentally the age that they would be, had they been born on their due date. I know, its confusing. Wilder looks like a one year old, which is to be expected, even though his chronological age is 15.5 months. 

Birthday buds

I cannot believe my little pumpkin has been home for a year. Then again, part of me can't believe it has ONLY been a year. It's true what they say about motherhood:
"The days are long, but the years are short."
Wilder babbles, he says "mama," "dada," and "nana," the word he made up for "nursing." He can walk while using his push toy, and he cruises around on our furniture all day long. He's a great eater and isn't too picky. His favorite foods are strawberries, yogurt, cheese, and anything starchy, like waffles, crackers, and bread.

 We brought pizza, salad, drinks, and a homemade key lime pie. We stuffed ourselves.
The only photo of the birthday pie, made by Jagger.
We ate it too quick to get a nice shot of it.  
Many of the fears we came home from the hospital with, a year ago, have melted away, as Wilder has thrived his way through his first year at home. I've become one of those people who, despite having the most harrowing birth and newborn experience possible, constantly says "We are so lucky." Because we are! Wilder continues to surpass all expectations, both developmentally and medically.

When I think about how difficult it was when he first came home, giving him both gavage and pump feedings through his gastrostomy tube, as well as nursing and bottle-feeding breastmilk, I feel proud of us three and all the work we did, and all we went through. No one could have expected him to be rid of his G-tube, nursing and eating solids like a champ so soon.

The attributes I ascribe to my son are: strong, determined, and joyful. I couldn't be prouder.

Quail Hollow Ranch is a county park in Felton, off Zayante Road.  The white farm house is surrounded by ancient looking oak trees, pines, willows, green meadows, a pond, and horse stables. 

Quail Hollow is the perfect place for a picnic. It felt like we had our own family ranch for the afternoon. 
Everybody wants a Pee Wee bobble head.

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